“Science is not only a disciple of reason but,
one of romance and possion.”

-Stephen Hawking

To serve is in itself a beautiful gesture but only if it is done with joy and a whole heart with a free mind. Kindness and gentleness are signs of the inner strength that come from really knowing, loving and respecting your body, mind and soul.

Let’s romance the revolution in beauty

Romance is loving with every drop of yourself and never expecting a single drop in exchange. Romance yourself and let love permeates your whole being and wellness at the Aesthetics House. Yes, here at the Aesthetics House, a little romancing is due around. It’s your little private garden with roses and friends that fill your world. We deliver wellness and beauty to every customer that steps into our abode. Every treatment is served with passion – where you will experience the beautiful romance of natural ingredients combined with tender loving care to bring your inner beauty from inside out. That you may enjoy wholesome health with blossoming radiance.

Your beauty is our romance.


Committed To A Brand New You

Established in 1998, Aesthetics House has been bringing in revolutionary treatment therapies and top-notch service to anyone who wishes to break out from their old selves and emerge with newfound confidence in beauty and health throughout all these years. Aesthetics House is a professional skin care salon for him and her, as well as a new-age face and beauty wellness centre. All our friendly and professional therapists will help you resolve your beauty needs or those tingling little concerns in your body. Aesthetics House specialises in modern beauty services like facial treatments, body scrubs and body massages, slimming sessions, painless and scarless treatments for the removal of moles, warts and other skin growths. So call us for a free skin analysis without any obligations. Our friendly and experienced therapists will be most willing to help you in any aesthetic problems.



Medify Skin-Refined Solution

MEDIFY ‘Skin-Refined Solution’ by Celmonze harnesses the power of medical research to create a science-led, nature-based formulation with pro-prescription performance. It’s the fastest yet gentlest way to affirm your skin’s desired future in advance: Refined, Purified, and Defined


– Stimulates cell renewal
– Whitening effect
– Moisturizing and prevent water loss
– Anti-oxidant and improve skin elasticity
– Restructure connective tissue
– Repair and repair skin problems

Eyelift Contour Treatment

Celmonze’s Eyelift Series is an all in one solution for all common eye worries in just one product range! Specially formulated to cater to those who wish to get rid of their fine lines, severe dark circles, eye bags and puffiness.


– Decrease fine lines
– Reduce eye bags and puffiness
– Lightens dark eye circles

Caviar DNA Treatment

Exude Majestic Elegance at Any Age with Caviar DNA Imperial. Beluga Caviar—the opulent star ingredient of Caviar DNA Imperial—is the highest class of caviar favored by royalties. Caviar DNA Imperial is designed to lavishly pamper while enriching skin with collagen boosting proteins, multi vitamins, microelements and minerals. Combined with moisturizing liposome complex, plus 13 rejuvenative ingredients harvested from nature, youthful skin is now at your command.


– Converts nutrients to energy, leading to anti-fatigue factor
– Boosts skin’s collagen and influence firm regeneration
– Intensively repairs, rejuvenates & restores youthful suppleness

Platinium Customize

“Using Nanotech Science, we’ve transformed platinum, one of earth’s rarest elements with strong antioxidant properties, into 99.99% Platinum Colloid. This highly absorbable form of Platinum will then be pumped deep into the skin for maximum effectiveness. Complementing this treat is five, potent, customizable Platinum Concentrate cocktails, made of stellar ingredients like apple stem cells, marine collagen, vitamin A, E and F, Matrixyl®, Argireline® and plant extracts.”


– Strongest anti-oxidant
– Double Moisture
– Complete Defense
– Calmness and Alleviate Sensitivity
– Deep Penetration
– Long Effect

Caviar DNA Imperial

Activates cellular vitality by intensively nourishing skin with a wealth of caviar and oyster nutrients, to accomplish a lavishly revitalizing effect.


– Boosts Skin’s Energy & Vitality, Increases Suppleness
– Stimulates Collagen & Elastin Production








Be Part Of A Beauty Romance


Minimum 3 years of working experience in beauty industry Sales-oriented attitude, good interpersonal & communication skills 6 days off/month


Minimum 1 year of proven sales experience. Able to communicate fluently in 3 languages including English Attractive salary + Commission package Phasellus auctor augue


With or without experience are welcome Training provided Interested candidates, kindly apply electronically. Alternatively, you may write in to submit details, and updated resume in MS Word Format, attached with a recent photograph.

Please include the following formation in your resume
• Educational level
• Reasons for leaving
• Last drawn salary
• Expected salary
• Date of availability

Email: aestheics_house@yahoo.com
Hot line: 9450 1779
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